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Faculty Honors & Awards

Marcus Crede
Fellow, The Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Andrew Hochstetler
Donald MacNamara Award, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
Michael Bailey
Fellow, The Medieval Academy of America
Celeste Chaves
Humanitarian Award, Ames Human Relations Commission
Olga Mesropova
Quality Matters (QM) Certification - Russian 375, Quality Matters



Derek Franklin
Restoring the Balance: What Wolves Tell Us About Our Relationship with Nature, Journal of Mammalogy
Derek Franklin
Policy process and problem framing for state nutrient reduction strategies in the U.S. Upper Mississippi River basin, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation
Katherine Dentzman
Applying the feminist agrifood systems theory (fast) to U.S. organic, value-added, and non-organic non-value-added farms, Agriculture and Human Values