Schaal publishes “Une troisième vague féministe et littéraire”


Michèle A. Schaal, assistant professor in the Department of World Languages and Cultures, published her first book, "Une troisième vague féministe et littéraire."

In France, the 1990s constituted a crucial era both for feminism and literature. This decade witnessed the emergence of a new generation of women writers, as well as of a new generation of feminist activists. Michèle A. Schaal’s >Une troisième vague littéraire et féministe is the first study of its kind to establish a connection between both. Through an interdisciplinary approach—feminist, cultural, and literary—Schaal demonstrates how these young feminists and writers approached, in similar manners, the identity and sexuality-related debates that occurred during this decade, namely via an analysis of four novels: Truismes by Marie Darrieussecq (1996), Les Jolies Choses by Virginie Despentes (1998), Viande by Claire Legendre (1999) and Garçon manqué by Nina Bouraoui (2000).