Author: Amy Juhnke


Dell named Arts Educator of the Decade

Brad Dell, director of ISU Theatre, has been named “Arts Educator of the Decade” by the 2020 BroadwayWorld Des Moines Awards. The 2020 awards celebrated the best in local theatre of the past decade.


Hill awarded NEH grant

Project Title: Three Sisters Gardening in Midwestern Native American Nations: An Ethnohistory of Indigenous Agricultural Survivance Project Description: Research and writing leading to a book on Native American agricultural practices in the Midwest from precontact to the present.


Swanner published in Earth-Science Reviews

The biogeochemistry of ferruginous lakes and past ferruginous oceans Abstract Anoxic and iron-rich (ferruginous) conditions prevailed in the ocean under the low-oxygen atmosphere that occurred through most of the Archean Eon. While euxinic conditions (i.e. anoxic and hydrogen sulfide-rich waters) became more common in the Proterozoic, ferruginous conditions persisted in deep waters. Ferruginous ocean regions … Continue reading Swanner published in Earth-Science Reviews