Innovation Showcase on Thursday, May 11

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Innovating in the classroom. Innovating the classroom.

Four faculty members created a plan to teach their courses by creating an interdisciplinary learning session led by students. Each instructor teaches their course linked to innovation or entrepreneurship on Tuesday sessions, then brings the four classes together on Thursdays in the Student Innovation Center for a “creative recess.”

Instructors are present to guide and mentor the students, and students with different majors and backgrounds work together or individually on topics of interest.

This Thursday, May 11, from 4:30 p.m.– 6:30 p.m. in the Student Innovation Center Atrium, the final showcase will take place, with students competing for the opportunity to receive innovation scholarship money for their projects. The following LAS students will be presenting for scholarship consideration:

Hello Hobby:

Leah Metzger, Senior, Communication Studies

Julia Benda, Senior, Journalism and Mass Communication

Delaney Enh, Senior, Communication Studies

Kristina Toben, Senior, Communication Studies

Hello Hobby is a product subscription service allowing users to test and try out different hobbies sent directly to the consumer’s door. The service allows consumers to try various hobbies and activities, from knitting to beer brewing. The service also includes a subscription to an app, Hobby Hub, that allows the consumer to connect with other consumers working on the same hobby.

Writing Alive: 

Lily Fedler, Senior, History

Writing Alive is a new online education service that combines the excitement of storytelling with vivid animation to explain writing concepts for high school students. Our purpose is to provide students, especially visual-spatial learners, an alternative way to learn the art of writing and prepare them for collegiate-level work.

Red Beauty:

Sidney Messerly, Senior, Communication Studies

Red Beauty is a new eyebrow pencil for natural redheads, focusing on sustainable packaging and inclusive colors. Red Beauty eyebrow pencils will join the movement for inclusivity in the beauty industry and enhance natural redheads’ beauty instead of covering it up while creating an accessible product that is fairly priced.

Join us for this innovating showcase this Thursday! Click here for more information on the course.