LAS prepares global citizens to serve Iowa and the world

CATEGORIES: Alumni, Students

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ global footprint extends far beyond its numerous study abroad opportunities. While students embark on learning adventures that take them from the shores of Spain to the mountains of Peru, faculty connect Iowa State University to the world, and the world to Iowa State University.

Several LAS faculty work with other countries on various interdisciplinary research endeavors ranging from ethical interview and interrogation techniques to climate change’s effect on ecosystems. The College’s robust global engagement is one reason why its students graduate prepared to work in a global marketplace, whether their office is in Iowa or abroad.


"To thrive in a global, rapidly changing world, future leaders must be scientifically and culturally literate individuals who are able to live and work effectively in diverse communities," said Chad Gasta, professor and chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures (WLC). "Our commitment to global engagement helps us make Iowa and the world a better place."

This dedication to the world’s well-being starts in Iowa. Each year, hundreds of Iowa State students study abroad (WLC is the campus leader in study abroad, housing five of the largest programs). These students bring back a wealth of knowledge and experience to take with them into their careers, many of which reflect our land-grant ideas of education, research, economic development, and sharing expertise with our communities.

"It is unique and special that students and faculty at Iowa State work beyond their individual research projects to collaborate for a better state and better world," Gasta said.

As global citizens, LAS graduates and faculty serve the people of Iowa in many ways including helping local governments produce cost effective, sustainable water management plans that serve citizens and creating materials that are vital ingredients for the tiniest electronics, fastest computers, and biggest wind turbines.

Through ongoing partnerships and collaborations with researchers and teachers around the globe, LAS will continue to serve the people of Iowa and the world.