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Mock trial jury returns verdict of “Guilty” – with a twist

News from the Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences: The 17th annual “A Civil Action” mock trial on December 5, 2019 produced an overwhelming 14-5 jury verdict of “Guilty,” making it two guilty verdicts in a row for the plaintiffs’ team. “In this year’s trial, the use of a scale model showing the contaminant plume … Continue reading Mock trial jury returns verdict of “Guilty” – with a twist

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Adventure by Karine

Karine Holmes (’22 geology) wanted to experience something new in college. Her interest in climate research has taken her on a voyage of discovery, from the Stable Isotope Paleoenvironmental Lab to mapping the ocean floor in Alaska.

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Lakeside science

Research by Betsy Swanner is contributing to our understanding of harmful algal blooms, a big environmental problem for water quality in the Midwest and worldwide.