Arabic Program celebrates Arab-American Heritage Month with community outreach

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Student colors during Arabic outreach eventAs reported in the ISU Daily.

ISU students shared their passion and knowledge of the vibrant Arab culture with the students of Edwards Elementary school in Ames. As part of its community outreach efforts, The Arabic Program at ISU partnered with the school to celebrate Arab-American Heritage Month as an annual school-wide event.

April was formally designated by President Biden in 2022 as National Arab-American Heritage Month. It recognizes the contributions of Arab Americans, their innovation, diversity, and commitment to community. Nearly 4 million Arab Americans reside in the United States.

The inaugural event started with a school-wide assembly for more than 400 students and staff. Dr. Ghinwa Alameen, a WLC associate teaching professor, engaged the students with information, music and activities about the Arab culture and the Arab-American community. This was followed by breakout sessions where each grade participated in grade-appropriate activities led by ISU students in the Arabic Program. Activities ranged from sensory experiences, games, crafts, calligraphy, and traditional dabke dance.

The event received many positive remarks from Edwards’ administration, staff, students and parents. For the remainder of the month, Edwards’ students will engage in activities led by their classroom teachers that celebrate Arab culture. Dr. Alameen and her students are already looking forward to next year’s event with Edwards and other Iowa community organizations.