Jonathan Kelly awarded National Science Foundation grant


Jonathan Kelly, professor in the Department of Psychology, has earned a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The nearly $230,000 award was received from the NSF’s competitive Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences Division.

The grant will support Kelly’s research until 2025.

Kelly’s project “Decision Processes in Human Navigation,” will investigate how people navigate successfully from one place to another, factoring in cognitive processes, spatial cues, memory, data input and conflicting sources of information.

Kelly, who is principal investigator on this research, will collaborate with other researchers, using mathematical models of people’s choices and actions, to understand how the human brain stores and uses spatial knowledge for navigation.

This research is important because the results can inform the use of numerous technologies, from movement interfaces for video games to GPS-enabled maps, and many others.

To read further about this research, please visit this NSF award site.