Withers wins teaching award


Jeremy Withers is an associate professor in the ISU Department of English, where he teaches such subjects as science fiction, Romantic and Victorian literature, and the history of the English language. The author of two books, Withers has written and edited extensively on the topics of bicycles and transportation in literature, particularly science fiction and the works of H.G. Wells.

A current member of the English department’s faculty review committee and former member of its undergraduate studies committee, Withers is a 2019 recipient of ISU’s Faculty Professional Development Award for his service to Iowa State English and its students. Throughout his career, Withers has consistently supported Iowa State students and encouraged them to explore their passions for literature.

“I took Jeremy’s literary theory class and two things happened,” wrote his nominator for the 2020 Inspiration Award. “I found a passion for literature that I did not know existed, and I found an instructor who was excited to support one of his students in their academic pursuits. He gave me free rein to explore theory, ask silly questions, express my utter confusion, and finally trust my own theoretical interpretations of literature. He’s made me a stronger writer, a stronger learner, and a stronger person.”


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