ROTC units join forces for philanthropy


On Jan. 23, 2016, Midshipmen and Cadets from Iowa State’s ROTC Units came together and volunteered their time in the annual Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is the largest student philanthropy on campus, with funds and awareness raised for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. Funds are raised though various drives and canvassing campus for donations.

The event took place in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union. Midshipmen and Cadets had the honor of escorting some of the children, from the hospital up on stage for the fashion show. After the fashion show, the kids and ROTC volunteers showed off some of their dance moves on stage in front of the cheering crowd. There were smiles all around and those participating had a great time. Midshipman Garret Woxland commented, “It was super fun because it was for a great cause.”

The Dance Marathon was also a chance for the Midshipmen and Cadets to get to know each other. “It’s not very often that all of the ROTC branches get to work together and see each other outside of the armory,” Midshipman Bjorn Johnson said. “I really like how all of the different service branches were able to come together and help out with such a great cause. Hopefully we can participate in more service events and get to know our other brothers and sisters in arms.”

This year Dance Marathon raised $362,854.19, and since its beginning, Dance Marathon has raised a total of $3.2 million for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

It was unanimous; all of the ROTC volunteers enjoyed giving their time and look forward to lend a helping hand for next year’s event.

submitted by Captain Suzanne Mulet